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Aaron Vegh create new products, and help others do the same.
Adam Westbrook videos try to encourage people (firstly myself, and hopefully others) to take learning more seriously: learning for the sake of it.
Adrian Unger help people launch their ideas on the web.
Ajay Rajani'm an aspiring merchant of progress.
Al Nyveldt developer mixing my time on client work and my own projects.
Alastair Johnston help people to help other people raise money for charities, lifelong student, proud husband, Dad.
Alex Jerez create things. sometimes on a computer, other times with my hands.
Alex Strick van Linschoten've written some books based on work done while living in Afghanistan, but I'm also interested in health, technology and the environment.
Alfred Megally build software and physical products from scratch while connecting with local community in key international cities.
Alison Hawke lead a team of first class software QAs helping get awesome software delivered to clients
Allison Preisinger take my collection of love, thought, questions, and interpretations and create folk-ish type songs to share through recordings and onstage.
Amir Motlagh write stories, often direct them in a visual medium while focusing on innovation, aesthetics and humanness.
Andersen Silva strive to provide a little clarity and a little levity.
Andrew Mason on about vim and various programming topics and read about them twice as much.
Andrew Robinson III love to identify problems, turn them into opportunities, and then inspire a solution to be built with a focus on iteration and the build->measure->learn feedback loop. In every problem, there is potential...I try to inspire potential fulfillment.
Andy Bell'm a designer making slick, accessible and responsive websites with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
Andy Ferguson IT solutions to academic requirements and training and coaching the students who will become the next generation of IT professionals and the IT professionals who will become the next generation of leaders and managers.
Andy Richards day, I help Public Transport authorities and airports to inform passengers by voice, in realtime, so they know where they’re going, and when they’re going to get there. By night, (and weekends and holidays!) I write and record songs, release music, tour with my band, provide sound design and voice over services and try to document it all to help other DIY / independent artists navigate the music industry.
Andy Willis unlock the freedom for people to be able to fit work around life rather than fitting life around work so they can enjoy a fuller, more complete and meaningful life.
Anthony Ongaro help people align short-term actions with the long-term vision they have for their lives.
Arek Stryjski day job: Learning and using new technologies and finding new applications for them. As skipper: Trying to sail uncharted waters and finding places outside of beaten path.
Ariel Ogdowski create software that solve human problems.
Austin Kleon make art with words and books with pictures.
Bastian Halbach build web applications for my and my clients' businesses.
Beatriz Alcobia scramble and unscramble students minds with philosophical ideas.
Ben Shearon help people reach their learning, teaching, or financial goals
Beto Galvez weld with my father and create art. I'm currently learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Blake Boles help young adults challenge themselves, feel engaged, and become better self-directed learners.
Bob Martens work to enable people to use technology effectively. More succinctly (and generically): I do what is needed when it is needed.
Bruce Chenoweth learn and share what keeps our bodies healthy - NATURALLY!
Calvin Correli help people be free to be who they really are.
Cathy Grier perform in public spaces to help bring live music into the urban context. I document these experiences in my video series The Inspiration Project. It’s my attempt at keeping music a thriving way to live.
Cathy Grier perform in public spaces to help bring live music into the urban context. I document these experiences in my video series The Inspiration Project. It’s my attempt at keeping music a thriving way to live.
Cedric Douglas Clitheroe work with motivated folks on self awareness, esteem, love, and purpose, so they can kick ass, make their dreams come true, and change the world.
Chaitanya help our users make the most of our software.
Chris Geirman value one's right to choose what they do with their time and live that choice everyday deterministically
Chris Goosman help musicians make their music sound better than they thought possible
Chris Hughes build up online marketing systems that allow me to earn passive income through paid advertising and CPA offers. I test and tweak sales funnels and optimize them to get the biggest return for my investment. I then hire people to run those systems while I create other systems to repeat the process.
Chris Sherrod make transformational authors best sellers with a 5000+ email list
Chris Winters things work on the internet, help teams do the same.
Claude Strillo help people learn its ok to be themselves through being completely creative
Cody Burleson hammer endlessly on the same spot in the universe, trying to make it dent - trying to make software that makes a real difference.
Coleman Yee the world, an experience at a time.
Courtney Feider the artist's perspective, I develop new leaders to fill the gap, working with companies around the globe.
Creatrix Tiara sign up for anything that looks interesting!
Curtis James uncover and share stories about work for people and companies.
Dale Nichols make music.
Dan Palladino travel the unpredictable roads of music, utilizing improvisation, to take me in new directions.
Dana Detrick-Clark joy is in creating amazing things for my clients and helping them map a plan for success.
Daniel Andrlik am first and foremost a storyteller, and I use narratives to help transportation agencies find ways to better serve their community, whether through operational consulting or technology.
Daniel Groves write software to pay the bills so that I can go on adventures and inspire others to do the same through photography and storytelling.
Darren Beale specialise in removing the hassle & worry for owners or managers of existing PHP web applications; helping them keep key, possibly aging, custom web sites running, up-to-date & secure.
Dave Donaldson design and build stuff that help make other peoples' jobs a little bit better.
Derek Sivers, writer, entrepreneur, avid student of life. I make useful things, and share what I learn.
Donna Serdula help people realize their value and potential by uncovering their professional story.
Dre Baldwin empower people to think better, do better and be better via coaching, written, video & speaking content.
dv (aka Robert May) help give life to creative things that need to be, but sometimes I just make bad ideas happen.
Eduard Urbach dreams into reality.
Emily Davis make connections - with old texts, with new words, with the body, with an audience, with ideas
Eric Friedman help companies survive and thrive.
Erno Hannink help business coaches to become visible online and attract clients.
Fernando Dolores try to help entrepreneurs to test their business thinking different and how to optimize their lifes.
Fernando Gros create windows into the way people live around the world.
Frankie Flowers create stories from the experiences of myself and others, and put them into songs.
Frederic Sune help entrepreneur to reach their goal(s) and audience(s) with their websites.
Garrick Van Buren provide an objective, outside perspective and actionable steps toward improvement - individual improvement & organizational improvement
Gary Ferrão to Civilization 2.0: i am a disparate scientist, who questions (almost) everything.
Gentoku McCree help unconventional executives become better leaders so they can keep doing the amazing work that makes them grateful to be alive.
Gergely Imreh create things to discover.
Glory Reinstein promote independent singer/songwriters and bands without breaking their banks.
Grant Weherley help people build, launch, and scale online courses
Greg Albritton opportunities for individuals to respect themselves and learn from others.
Greg Haas people identify purposes and meanings, large and small, to better apply appropriate solutions and actions.
Gregory Brown help programmers explore the kinds of questions that make their work more meaningful.
Gregory Cain create ambient music for people who want a peaceful space for contemplation, relaxation, meditation.
Gunar C. Gessner use technological know-how to leverage my altruistic impact in the world -- or I will, soon enough. Any tips?
Han Toan Lim provide information about the system.
Hanz Geeratz am a No Meat Athlete, Ultra-runner, Scrum master, Coffee drinker and part time Buddhist.
Hwee-Boon Yar write and sell software.
India Flint coax poetry into cloth from leaves and flowers, the earth is my printing plate and time is the press.
Inga Hope’m on a mission to enrich the lives of children with access to fun and professional music education.
Irving Axel Rivas Z'm trying to help build a human-based world-saving machine.
Ivo Lukač am building a sustainable globally oriented business with a great team based in Croatia
Jack Baty day I manage web development projects and by night I take photos and tinker with analog tools.
Jacob Madden determine creative and efficient ways to solve interesting problems.
Jake Kahana solve problems using design, writing and code to make the world a little bit better.
James Goin support systems and people while seeking adventure and challenge.
James McCullough hotels discover untapped sources of revenue while also helping them engage their guests in a more meaningful manner.
Jamon Holmgren inspire trust in my team and my clients and get them to work together to make beautiful things.
Jan Karger my work time, I help my company creating cool Uis for our business. In my free time, I live for my family, otherwise, I give a little help to the WPF/C# community.
Jason Zook help entrepreneurs take action in their lives and businesses.
Jeff Bajorek turn good salespeople into great salespeople.
Jeff Judge build products that pass the toothbrush test (makes life better, used every day).
Jenn Ashton use my creativity in many ways with the goal of bringing people together on a common ground.
Jeremy dePrisco, I guide people to make the connections they need to make to realize their goals, be they technical, creative or otherwise. I’ve found I am a very good catalyst to making cool things happen.
Jessica DeVita technologist, half psychologist - I help my customers adopt new technologies and attitudes toward devops and automation tools
Jim Wang help regular people get ahead financially and in life by teaching them the strategies and tactics used by the wealthy to manage their money.
Jimmy Keane preserve, present, bolster, share, teach, and make musical contributions to the ongoing living tradition that is Irish Music
Jo Rhodes am a great connector and networker with friends and business contacts from all walks of life - I love to help people find tools, other people or ideas that empower them to help themselves.
Jodi Womack guide busy professionals to get momentum on their Most Important Things.
Jody Whitesides combine notes & sounds into catchy rhythmic arrays.
Joe Leonard improve peoples' lives and happiness via my writing, songs, and musical performances. (Wishful thinking, but that's my mission!)
Joe Matzzie gather broken bottles from the train tracks of life and reflect them back on the unwitting passerby.
John Garvens help businesses leverage technology to generate demand, leads, and customers for their products and services.
Jon Rhodes manage digital and web projects for a range of clients.
Jonathan Calazan build stuff that people (hopefully) find useful.
Joseph Casabona build things on the web, and sometimes write about them.
Joseph Jude build software products.
Josh Mills help make sure that nobody leaves the pharmacy without their medication.
Juan Fernandes build websites
Kahan James give form to the creative expression of others through creative expression of my own.
Karl Philip Lund help people create success stories.
Katrina Goldsaito fall in love with alarming regularity.
Keith Kritselis learn, I make, and I teach.
Keith Richie strive to bring peace and entertainment to everyone through my music.
Kendall Giles day there is a new problem to solve, a new mountain to climb, and a new song to sing.
Kenn Wilson publish beautiful and classic sewing patterns, tools, and resources to help revive the art of sewing.
Kerri Mark Sharp help business owners, entrepreneurs and risk-takers to work more effectively.
Kevin Carrel Footer play music, write books and take pictures to connect with people on the deepest level.
Kevin Marsden help people build websites and resolve technical issues
Kohan Ikin make easy to use software products.
Kyle Stewart reignite peoples belief in their personal creativity through entertaining and creative apps.
Lara McPherson explore why we do what we do, and how we can do it better.
Lenny Gale'm on a mission to accelerate our adoption of a whole food-focused diet.
Lenz Gschwendtner work with people to build the world I want to live in. I do that by mentoring, building good products and listening to people.
Leo Babauta help people change their lives through habits, mindfulness and simplicity.
Lewis Walsh design and build elegant, stable, and fast software.
Mahadevan K love solving tough, real-world problems through code.
Manton Reece build iOS apps for search and archiving, co-host the Core Intuition podcast for developers, and write essays and microblog posts at
Marc Jenkins build websites.
Marc Littlemore turn interesting ideas into usable software for work and fun.
Maria Brophy artists master the business of art, one strategy at a time
Mario Sanchez Carrion develop power tools that make people work faster, easier and more effectively.
Mark Hermann'm a storyteller who helps inspire other creators to dig down, find their truth and share their unique story with the world so we all can benefit from sharing our gift with the world.
Mark Jackson implement JDA supply chain planning solutions across a variety of industries
Matheus Godoy believe that it is possible to transform the complex into simple
Matt Gibson create original music and provide business and technology training to artists and musicians.
Matt Kirk assist companies in achieving their technological and business goals.
Mauro Morales craft free (as in freedom) software and share it and it's know-how with the world.
Melanie Colley help people sell their homes at the best market value in the best time frame for the market and I help buyers find the homes of their new homes!
Mervi Emilia make websites and brands, create art and illustrations, do online marketing, and write.
Michael Swaine write and edit others’ writing, chiefly about technology.
Michelle promote creativity, experience, self-care, and the value of perspective.
Mike Echlin products and music that might change the world in some little (or big!) way.
Mike Vardy help people stop guessing about what tasks to do so that they can go about doing the tasks that they need and want to do.
Mike Vial to gigs: & sing songs, write poems, write a blog every weekday; hug wife, change diapers, walk dog.
Milan Balaban make things look simple, cool and fun.
Mohit Pawar start projects, write words (and books) and help others.
Mojca Marš take care of your social media so you don’t need to.
Monty Harper use songs and songwriting to help children develop creativity, a sense of wonder, and critical thinking skills. Lately this means writing songs inspired by interviews with scientists about their current research.
Natasha Riley-Noah give overwhelmed business owners their lives back by managing their money and paper mess and teaching them how to handle the IRS.
Nathan Lustig help founders originally based in Latin American build startups and help them connect to clients, partners and investors in the US and Europe.
Neil Wyn-Jones write a list and live it out
Nick Swan developer and online marketer who builds businesses, now trying to help other businesses.
Niels Leerentveld, performance & pleasure
Niko Heikkilä write about all things pop culture in long and short form. Movies, music and games have been an important pastime of mine insofar they have actually become more than just a pastime — a profession. Besides writing I spent a lot of time studying different programming techniques from web development and design to pure functional programming which involves writing, so there is that.
Nitin Khanna write what I can pull out of this mess of a brain and hope that someone somewhere will find coherence in that.
Patricia Reiter create connection through food. I make it really easy for people to give and feed others in their community.
Patrick Conway tell stories and make music for anyone/everyone who will listen and help others to do the same.
Paul Burdick student and explorer.
Paul Jarvis help freelancers do business better.
Paul Miller create, and I help the world understand the behavior of sound.
Paul Saunders marketing systems to help creators to create is my passion.
Peter Morin write novels, song lyrics and legal briefs.
Petra Wille help product managers to use their common sense, gut feeling and empathy for their "users" to create apps and tools people love.
Quang Ly discover and create Meaningful Understanding of Sound in Context (M.U.S.I.C.)
Quentin Pain help people become number 1 in their industry
Raam Dev hike mountains, build open-source WordPress software, and investigate the future of humanity through writing and ruminating.
Radhika Morabia want to get everything I want out of life without ever having to do anything I don't want to do, and help other people go after the same lofty goal along the way.
Randy Adams create lyrically poetic psychedelic loves songs and hallucinatory blues
Richard J. Anderson probe at the intersection of technology and culture.
Rizky Syaiful create internet-based products that improve human well-being. On the way to be at Elon Musk level, then surpass him.
Rob Conery tend to seek the edges of things: conversations, technology, ideas. To me, that’s where the interesting bits are - right where they’re defined.
Rob McNelis encourage startups (from any industry) to share their favorite watches.
Robert Aubin lead a team of incredibly smart people and my mission is to create the best possible workplace for them while helping them grow and succeed.
Roberto Zoia try to do meaningful work and my best every time. I believe in sharing what I learn and know with others.
Rodrigo Franco help teams to write well organized software that gets the job done.
Ryan Barrington Cox make, break and enjoy as much as possible.
Ryan Carter write front-end code. I teach and distill complex technology.
Ryan Koriya sonic physician, creating Passion-Pop then administering it straight to your heart with a voice that's both soothing and uplifting.
Ryan P. Flynn help companies optimize their supply chains and get the most out of their technology and vendor relationships.
Sallie Boyce support entrepreneurs on their journey to increase the visibility + credibility of their brand through targeted media exposure.
Salma Jafri help women entrepreneurs market authentically.
Samantha Alvarez live fully in the present moment, communicate sincerely and share strategies and techniques for how to design and live a meaningful life.
Samuel Bosch turn data into scientific knowledge and help other people do the same.
Sarah Withee have a passion for technology, programming, and robotics, and enjoy helping others learn and succeed.
Saurabh Sharma currently invest my time and intellect.
Scott E. Moore help people & companies communicate, engage and bring their brand to life through soulful storytelling with pictures & sound.
Scott Gilbertson like to experience the world. And to tell stories.
Scott Nesbitt tell stories, some of which are true, and I turn ideas into words.
Sean Bonner like working on things that empower people to take care of themselves.
Sean MacAvaney try to arrange 1's and 0's in meaningful ways, and teach others to do the same.
Sean Sharp attempt to nudge faculty, staff and students into successful uses of technologies to enhance their educational practice.
Stacy Bias'm a heart-led, people-driven creative who can't sit still while the world feels wrong.
Stan Stewart that? I'm going to turn it into music. (I like to call it spontaneous composition, though it's usually known as improvisation.)
Steve Alvesteffer explore the world and take notes. Then I teach people what I learn through writing.
Steve Kopandy in this order I: 1. Create (write) 2. Produce (record and mix) 3. Release (perform or direct) 4. Relax (watch history/religion/science documentaries)
Steven Cravis most significant thing that could happen with my music on a broad scale is for it to help people feel whole, reduce stress and contribute to peace.
Steven Irby travel the world one city at a time, hoping to add value whenever / wherever I can, and hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and passion.
Stuart Chaffe user first, I design and build things for the web.
Sukhneet Singh empower the fullest expression of people's best selves.
Sushaantu build things (mostly web apps), sometimes alone and sometimes in a team.
Tess Newton Cain do Pacific island research, analysis & strategy.
Thomas Frank help students study, work, and achieve their goals more effectively.
Tim McKenna"I strive to become a better person so that I can help others do the same."
Tom Critchlow help build and scale sustainable teams of good people do good things.
Travis Hellstrom help mindful leaders expand their influence and make the world more awesome.
Trysette write songs about my life experiences, usually about the subject of love.

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